Season 1 Episode 4 – Fake News (Live)

Welcome back to Episode 4 of the Pilots Podcast! In this week’s pilot we introduce our listeners to the hit game show that’s taking over the internet… Fake News!

Recorded LIVE in Carlos’ kitchen (our apologies for the poor audio) this trivia show asks contestants one simple question… is this headline real or fake? Answer carefully because the losers will be politely “escorted” to our state of the art death chamber… yikes

This week’s episode of Pilots is brought to you by our wonderful sponsor, the Asbestos Installers of America Guild….. “Asbestos, it’s the Bestos!”

– The Pilots Podcast is a PodCorp Media production

Season 1 Episode 3 – Conference Call

We’re back! Sorry for not posting last week 😦 We’re new to this whole “having responsibilities” thing… But alas, we’re back! And we have a very special episode for you listeners out there.

This week the guys have a conference call with our new corporate management. After selling the rights to our podcast to the giant podcasting conglomerate, PodCorp, we had our first phone meeting with the new CEO and we decided to (secretly) record the call and make an episode out of it. Hopefully they don’t fire us for this….

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We love you.

Season 1 Episode 2 – Fixed It For Ya

Welcome back to episode 2! Or should we say, welcome to the pilot episode of our new show, Fixed It For Ya!

In this brand new podcast your four hosts will explore four topics that need to be fixed! From Crypto currency to comic book movies to white people, the guys are full of hot takes this week.

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Season 1 Episode 1 – Screenwriters

It’s here! The first episode of The Pilots Podcast is officially out there on the internet forever. No turning back….

For our first pilot we debut a new podcast series called Screenwriters. The concept is simple, your four hosts will come up with the plot for an all new screenplay on the fly, using randomly selected characters, settings, and plot elements that we draw from a hat (literally).

Things get kind of nerdy on this improvised journey as Harrison puts on his director’s hat and leads the guys through a sci-fi action thriller set in Area 51…. with vampires. (we did say nerdy right?)

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Welcome to The Pilots Podcast!

Hello there, potential new listener! Good to see you, you look healthy. Have you lost weight? Awesome.

Anywho, welcome to The Pilots Podcast! We’re happy to see you. Below is a little preview of our show. We’re calling it episode 0. It’s just a brief 6 minute teaser to introduce ourselves and talk about the concept behind the show. We hope you enjoy. If you do, please subscribe to our SoundCloud channel and follow us on Instagram.