Season 1 Episode 10: Ghost Phone

Well… we were going to record our most exciting episode of the season, perhaps one of the most poignant and informative podcasts ever recorded. Our countdown of the top 50 Presidential Libraries… both existing and future. Until Harrison interrupted and derailed the episode by bringing a stupid antique rotary phone into the studio. And of course, the damn thing was haunted…

Listen to the bois have conversations with some of notable characters from beyond the grave who were just trying to order a Papa John’s pizza.

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Season 1 Episode 9: Who’s Taek?

We finally cracked under the tremendous pressure of our 5-7 fans and recorded a sports show. We think we invented something really great here in the form of a points based sports opinion show. We are going to shop it around to different television networks to see if any of them are interested in acquiring this valuable IP.

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– Carlos 1000

Season 1 Episode 8: Kitchen Adventures

Dear beloved listeners. We thank you for your continued support of this brace endevour.

Behold, episode 8 of the pilots podcast. In this new public radio cooking show, host Jonathan Chambers takes listeners on culinary adventures throughout this great nation. Only this time he gets lost in the louisLoui swamps and ends up in hot water with a couple of local swamp people. Listen to the episode to find out what happens. And don’t forget to subscribe and rate us on iTunes.

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– Carl 1000 🤖

Season 1 Episode 7: Flushed

Welcome to a very special edition of the Pilots Podcast. This, is Flushed: the show that will attempt to get the the bottom of a watershed moment in podcast history. An event that shook the lives of everyone it touched and altered the course of the Pilots Podcast forever.

We’re talking of course about the Podcorp Pooper incident of 2018. A tragic attack on decency that shattered the professional lives of America’s top podcasters. In this 100 part docuseries your host Jim Prick will speak to witnesses, first responders, and of course the Pilots guys themselves to investigate every possible detail of the crime of the century.

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Season 1 Interlude

We’ve arrived, ladies and gentlemen. We are halfway through season one of the Pilots Podcast. It’s been a real grind. So many early mornings, so many sleepless nights (some of which were related to the podcast). We would like to thank our dear listeners for their steadfast and faithful support of our show. We can (and for the most part did) do this without you, but we love you nonetheless. You are the light that guides us, the wind beneath our fails.

As we approach this incredible milestone in our careers, we would like to take the opportunity to not put out an episode this week. We are tired, we are lazy, and most importantly, we are busy playing Red Dead Redemption 2.

Instead, we recorded a short interlude for you as a way of introducing our newest team member — our Pilots Podcast intern, Carl 1000. Please listen and say hello to Carl, he is a little shy. Carl will be running most of our social media and scheduling all future recordings and guest appearances. We wish him the best of luck in his new position.

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The Pilots Podcast crew

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Season 1 Episode 6: Interdimensional Radio

Welcome back dear listener. Prepare yourself for a trip into the multiverse as we open a mystery box sent to us “on accident” by our parent company, PodCorp.

This week’s episode is Interdimensional Radio! Although we missed our buddy, regular-size Tim, we did get a friendly phone call from our PodCorp handler, Pat Rinkle!

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Pilots Podcast – S1E5 – Monsters Anonymous

Happy Halloween from your friends at the Pilots Podcast! We have a special Halloween episode for you this week.

Step into the Oakland Civic Center for a weekly meeting of Monsters Anonymous — the anonymous support group for rehabilitating monsters trying to walk the straight and narrow. Join Dracula, Eddie the werewolf, Krampus, Frankenstein, Zeke the zombie, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde as they work out their issues and addictions. The meeting is led by social worker and mortal human, Steve Schwartz.

This week’s episode is brought to you by the Ted Cruz Super PAC of America and the Asbestos Installers of America Guild.

-The Pilots Podcast is a PodCorp Media Production.