Season 1 Interlude

We’ve arrived, ladies and gentlemen. We are halfway through season one of the Pilots Podcast. It’s been a real grind. So many early mornings, so many sleepless nights (some of which were related to the podcast). We would like to thank our dear listeners for their steadfast and faithful support of our show. We can (and for the most part did) do this without you, but we love you nonetheless. You are the light that guides us, the wind beneath our fails.

As we approach this incredible milestone in our careers, we would like to take the opportunity to not put out an episode this week. We are tired, we are lazy, and most importantly, we are busy playing Red Dead Redemption 2.

Instead, we recorded a short interlude for you as a way of introducing our newest team member — our Pilots Podcast intern, Carl 1000. Please listen and say hello to Carl, he is a little shy. Carl will be running most of our social media and scheduling all future recordings and guest appearances. We wish him the best of luck in his new position.

As always listeners, we love you. And please, for the love of Christ, subscribe to our show on Apple Podcasts or where ever you listen, and leave a 5 star review.

The Pilots Podcast crew

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